Essential Gutter Vacuuming

Cleaning your gutters is essential during winter

With water continually running down the sides of your house slowly eroding the surface structure; rendered surfaces as well as brickwork, the resulting saturated external surfaces expose the structure to increased damage from frost and ice. A small crack can expand and so begins a cycle of destruction.

Poorly maintained gutters are themselves vulnerable to damage due to distortion from the weight of retained water. This then in turn can mean a call out charge and a repair bill.

Internal damage can occur over a prolonged time. Damp patches, internal cracks, leaks and sodden plaster are just some of the avoidable occurrences as a result of poorly maintained Gutters.

So How Often Should You Inspect Your Guttering?

Thorough cleaning should be performed at least annually, if not twice a year. Removal of all debris such as tree dirt, moss, leaves, seed pods and twigs in the gutters should help prevent unforeseen maintenance repairs further on down the line.

Using an industrial gutter vacuum system we can thoroughly clear out your guttering. The gutter vac allows us to reach gutters in inaccessible areas of a home, above conservatories, extensions, porches and in awkward areas where it would not normally be possible to reach.

Call Mark Duncan today on 07542 923416. Clearing your Guttering now will prevent larger costs later on.

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